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We developed a Web and Mobile App for InfoAuto, the official car market price guide. These web platforms offer users updated and real information about used and new vehicles prices. They also provide a variety of useful tools and technical information for professionals and common car drivers. With these end-to-end systems, users are able to buy credits, get subscribed to different plans, read the most actualized car market news, choose a professional profile, look for information and get statistics.


What did they need help with?

InfoAuto, referente histórico del sector automotor, utilizaba una revista física para publicar los valores de los vehículos a sus distintos clientes. Al sumarse a esta revolución digital, buscaron crear en conjunto con nuestro equipo, una Web App que permitiera reemplazar el soporte físico por una interfaz digital que brindara una mejor experiencia a los usuarios.

Our objectives to be achieved

Create a consulting stage in order to create the new InfoAuto experience, taking into account the client’s views and needs.

Generate a credit consuming system, with a digital payment method which allows users to get monthly and annual purchases.

Get the platform integrated with “Tango”, InfoAuto ERP, and ask different databases in order to get the cars’ information updated.

Develop a tool with a low learning curve, considering most InfoAuto users are not digital natives.




In order to find all the information we needed for InfoAuto web platform and aiming to offer the best user experience, we resorted to a consulting stage.



We built a solid working plan, which was validated by the client. Mainly, we got focused on the UX design and the App aesthetic.



We carry out a testing stage and internal QA. We then perform intensive UAT with the client to check each of the platform's features and iterate on fixes.



Firstly we launched the Web, reaching a record of subscriptions in the first week. Later, we launched the Mobile App to complete the experience.

Technologies we used

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